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Floor heating wire mesh
Floor heating mesh
Geothermal mesh
Welded mesh
Galvanized mesh
Re-drawn wire heating mes
Reinforcing steel mesh
Steel wire mesh
Construction mesh
Plastic-impregnated mesh
Shule board mesh
Belt Net
Shaped mesh material


Junao Wire Mesh Products Co., Ltd.
Name:Bin Song


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?Located in Anping County, Hebei Province, known as the "Hometown of Chinese Wire Mesh". It is a production-oriented enterprise integrating wire drawing and mesh weaving. It is a large-scale construction mesh manufacturer, mainly engaged in mesh wholesale and retail. It has certain research and development capabilities and can be customized according to user needs.


Complete Qualifications

The factory has won qualifications such as quality 3A high-tech enterprises.

Quality Assurance

Using high-zinc hot-dip galvanized wire to ensure product quality from the source

Strict Testing

Multiple inspection processes, products have passed ISO and other quality certifications

Excellent Team

Production team and inspection team Effectively control production process and quality


How to prevent the uneven force of the geother
??? When the stress of the geothermal mesh is uneven,Slippage of the mesh will occur and cause deformat...
Grassland wire mesh can be used for pastoral g
??? Grassland wire mesh can be used for pastoral grassland construction,Grassland can be enclosed and des...
Galvanized wire mesh use
??? Galvanized wire mesh is mainly used to beautify spraying,Guest soil spraying project,Also known a...
Galvanized steel wire mesh is versatile
??? Galvanized steel mesh is what we can use in many ways,Compared to other products,Has its own adva...
Flat barbed wire、Uniform mesh
??? The barbed wire piece of our factory is flat、Uniform mesh、preservative、Beautiful、Strong tensi...
Dosage of mortar for steel mesh system
??? Regarding the amount of mortar for steel mesh system,I have also commented,How much do you use?...
Detailed features of barbed wire
??? Detailed features of barbed wire Mesh can be divided into welded mesh, woven mesh,Galvanized mesh a...
Barbed wire mesh is also called black wire mes
??? Barbed wire, also called black barbed wire, is an iron wire with a wire diameter that is required by ...

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